Volunteering with Nan Inc

Nan Chul Shin and his company Nan Inc give back to the Hawaiian community. This local construction management company wouldn’t be where they are today without the help of the amazing local people.

The company has been able to finish multiple million dollar construction projects, and it’s always good to give back a part of this to non-profit organization and the local people and economy.

Giving back is actually one of their missions. In this article we will explain a bit more about the volunteering projects that Nan Inc has done over the years.

Volunteering Projects Done By This Company

Nan Inc, which was founded by Nan Chul Shin, is not just a profit oriented construction management company; it also indulges in philanthropic activities. Through these philanthropic activities, the company tries to give back to the society all that he has achieved as a token of gratitude to the society.

Helping an Orphanage in Bangladesh

The Nan Inc Owner has made major contributions to a number of organizations on a regular basis for people and children who don’t have enough and need a bit more financial help. In December 19, 2016, Nan Chul Shin made a big donation to ”Kids Hurt Too Hawaii”, which is a free service providing organization for the children who have faced major trauma and a sad childhood due to death of one or more parents and divorce or domestic violence cases where the children suffer the most. This is a part of the Nan giving back concept where the owner and his team makes an effort to give something to the society so that he can help more underprivileged people in the society to improve their standard of living and be able to support their families in the process. In the “Kids Hurt Too Hawaii”, Nan Inc made a donation of $25000, which according to the Executive Director of the organization is enough to directly help in providing aid to families of apparently 25 children throughout the year.

The fund amount is supposed to be used for not only offering weekend mentoring activities but also for therapeutic support activities designed exclusively for children who have gone through a traumatized childhood due to various problems in their families. This organization is primarily set up to help children coming from the lower income segments of the society.
48K meals donated by Nan Inc is a well-known fact and this has greatly added not only to their corporate sector but also in the society as a company that attempts to help people in distress or organizations created for underprivileged segments of the society.

Other Projects

In March 2017, they also did a project outside of Hawaii. In this project, Nan Inc donated money (including manpower) to help improve the conditions of elementary school in the Philippines. This school was located in a rural area of the Philippines and the improvements done by Nan Inc has helped the school a lot. All the projects where Nan Inc. has contributed, their effort has strictly been to improve conditions of children both socially and educationally.

Of course moving forward, Nan Chul Shin and Nan Inc are still trying to help many more people. It won’t be the last volunteering project, that’s for sure.

In conclusion, Nan Inc does a lot to help local communities. Unfortunately, we also have to deal with some false lawsuits, and this keeps us from helping even more people.

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