A Successful General Contractor in Hawaii

This post was inspired by another article about this company. We decided to rewrite it in a better way and share some new additional insights. Also since that post is about 5 years old, we decided to give it an update on this new website.

It looks like a long time since the Nan Inc Owner reaches the list of top 25 contractors on the island of Hawaii. This is a big accomplishment in itself, since there are so many contractors on the island of Hawaii. Everyone wants a piece of the pie, since most projects are multi-million dollar projects.

The founder of Nan Inc was born in a poor South Korean family, but he had big dreams that made all the difference to his life. Of course, he didn’t just dream, but also had the motivation, the drive and the focus to make his dreams a reality.

His hard work paid of in the year 1999. In that year he was ranked amongst the most well-known contractors of Hawaii and starting from that point he never looked back.

Today, Nan Chul Shin is mainly popular since he does a lot of philanthropy. He gives back a lot to the Hawaiian community, but not only that. He even started a project that constructed a school in the Philippines. Of course, he also has a lot of success stories in different projects of construction.

How Many Projects Has Nan Inc Done?

This is something that no one knows for sure. One thing is for sure, he has done a lot of projects. You can find all the projects on their official website. In total, Nan Inc has completed over 2,500 construction projects in the fields of preconstruction, general contracting and design-build.

The company of Nan Chul Shin has even gone international. Today, he has his headquarters in Honolulu (the main island). But besides that he also has offices on Oahu and even in Maui, Guam.

One of his biggest success was when he has been recognized as one of the top earning contracting business in the Hawaiian state. Thanks to his work ethics and business pragmatism he definitely deserves this recognition.

Giving Back To Local Community

Even after getting so much success, Nan Chul Shin didn’t forget to share some part of his success. Because of his social background, he always has been a humble man. So that’s why he didn’t forget to share some part of his success.

It’s a wonderful feeling, being able to share your success with many other people. He believes in giving back to the community at home and abroad and doesn’t hesitate to share some part of his success with the unprivileged. He’s been lending financial support to many institutions, organizations, and programs and is also supporting schools and orphanages in Cambodia and Bangladesh.

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