When Nan Chul Shin Introduced Civil Engineering Division At Nan Inc!

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Thanks to Nan Chul Shin and his professional team that does excellent Hawaiian construction management, many major developments have been done on the islands of Hawaii. This has added greatly to the look and feel of the island.

Even for some of the Nan Inc projects, the Nan Inc Owner has also been awarded awards for constructing the masterpieces. Over these years, Patrick Nan Shin has worked both single-handedly for some projects as well as completed some under Nan Inc joint venture. In whichever way he undertook the various contracts, he always got appreciated for his intelligent construction skills. So it was the result of his deep-building acumen and strategic mindset that his company Nan Inc raised to such fame in just a short span of 26 years. And, even today, the company is growing and leaving no opportunity to develop Hawaii in a better way.

Continuously Expanding

Nan Chul Shin and his construction company are always looking for ways to expand their company. They have been doing this successfully, since the company has grown immensively since the start in 1990.

The team is constantly enhancing its construction operations to become a competitive contractor for all types of projects. The Nan Inc Owner even added a Civil Engineering Division, which aimed at managing and facilitating all civil utility and site work throughout the company’s wide range of projects. Some of these projects were as follows:

•    Kaneohe Potable Waterline at Kaneohe Marine Corps Base on the Island of Oahu was the largest civil water works project, which was offered to the Nan Inc Owner.

•    Then, there was the first roadway, mass grading project and the design-bid-build contract of the Ane Keohokalole Highway on the Big Island, Hawaii.

With Vice President Frank Okimoto and Mr. Myles Mizokami as the part of the Civil Engineering division, the Hawaii construction management of Patrick Nan Shin underwent an amazing transformation and delivered many successful Nan Inc projects. As a result, this opened the way to many big budget civil projects. Furthermore, Nan Inc even hired a pump operator and trucker to widen its horizon of construction.

The Nan Inc projects were growing and so was the Hawaii construction management. There was an urgent need to bring in the latest machinery and to adapt the new ways of construction. So, the company invested in a wide range of heavy machinery and replaced all its outdated stuff. The new additions were the two hydraulic crawler cranes that were bought to be used for bulky constructions. All this was done to achieve larger civil projects in the future and for the in-house operations like pile driving, sheet piles, bridges, and pier work.

The introduction of the Civil Division completely transformed the way Nan Inc used to work. It made it more proficient and capable of handling bigger contracts. Also, the experience of the new hires was a plus point for the company’s growth, whose ideas and skills lead to better developments. Such an expansion of internal operations at Nan Inc set the example that nobody can stop you from achieving excellence when you are committed and dedicated towards your goals.

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