Helping with Donations

Giving donations to give back to the community can do a lot of good. Nan Chul Shin has done a lot of volunteering projects (as you can read in this blog post). Unfortunately, it’s not always possible to actively help with volunteering, and sometimes we just give a sizeable donation. We are pretty busy in building a successfull construction company, and given these donations can help a lot of people. We are greatful we are in a position to give these kind of donations.

Giving Back Is Important

For Patrick “Nan Chul” Shin, it has never been about the money. Giving back is an important part of our company culture. “When success takes you to new hights, staying grounded is more important than ever”, says Nan Chul Shin when we ask him about this topic.

It’s clear that the owner of Nan Inc construction isn’t just a leading building industry leader but a philanthropist also. He makes sure he always donates a share of his success tot he needy.

For the past 10 years, his company Nan Inc is working with the rotary club of Honolulu to serve those in need in the Philippines through generous donations and volunteer work. They have reached out to help those places where there were no classrooms, no facilities, and zero education. For this, the Nan Inc owner, Nan Chul Shin has donated $100,000 to the Foundation of Rotary Club of Honolulu for an outreach program in Cambodia.

Not Just Donations

It’s not just about the donations for Nan Shul Shin. He also does a lot of volunteering. For example, he has decided to send volunteers for this latest project in Cambodia who will assist the Rotary Club in the building of a classroom and housing facilities in a rural area of the country. The volunteers will also get the chance to work with and interact with the students and teachers of that community, assisting them and aiding them in their education and curriculum. In this way by providing the much needed humanitarian services to the poor and the needy; Patrick Nan Shin aims to contribute to the society and is doing it without fail.

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He’s also the firm supporter of women empowerment and believes in strengthening their status in the society. For this, Nan Inc is generously funding a scholarship program in Hawaii since 2003 for Distinguished Young Women of Hawaii, which is the part of the oldest and largest scholarship organization for college-bound young women in the world. Each year this organization awards over $17000 in cash scholarships to deserving senior girls who successfully complete the program and showcase their achievements at the State Finals. And, Nan Inc is wholeheartedly supporting their mission of recognizing and rewarding Hawaii’s promising and accomplished young woman.

Other Events

Nan Inc is also supporting the Special Olympics with donations. They have been supporting this organization for over 7 years. Int total theyh have been donating 10s of thousands of dollars to the cause and are helping them in any way they can.

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Also, the company has been the lead sponsor for the Armed Services YMCA’s celebrating the military family breakfast event from last two years. This is a non-profit organization which is serving the Hawaii’s military community since 1917. Their key areas of focus are education and child care, financial support and assistance and services for reducing the feelings of isolation amongst military members and families. Nan Inc is helping them to expand their programs and services for military families throughout the island of Oahu.

All this indicates that Nan Chul Shin is not just a builder who constructs buildings but he is also the constructor of many lives.

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