University of Hawaii Manoa

Bachman Hall Renovation Project

The Bachman Hall Renovation was an interesting project done for the University of Hawaii, Manoa. Here you can find some more information about this project.

About This Project

Nan Inc needed to renovate the interiour of the historic Bachman Hall. Work consisted out of designing and construction the entire hall.

Our main goal for this project was to fully renovate the interior. This came with multiple conference rooms sound rated walls, new HVAC and a new modern technology infrastructure. It was a big project.

Some challenges that arised were the temporary relocation of existing facility occupants and the deadline of this project. Other challenges were hazmat assessments, and abatement. Other specific work involved roofing; building exterior and envelope; mechanical, electrical, and plumbing; and interior renovation.

It was a great project that we completed successfully.


Location: Kaneohe Marine Corps Base Hawaii
Contract Value: $20.9M

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